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Making it easy for your dealers, agents or franchisees to utilize your marketing materials so they sell more.

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People come to PrintComm for many reasons. In some cases it’s because they have very complex print or direct mail projects with lots of versions and they count on our superior project management skills and critical path thinking. In other cases they have direct marketing programs that are crucial to their success – campaigns that involve relevant direct mail, data, landing pages, email, tracking systems, integration with CRM systems, lead nurturing, drip marketing and more. Or perhaps they have a network of dealers, agents, franchisees or retailers who need POP and collateral and online ordering systems to automate the ordering and customization process.

If you have complex projects and need someone to help you deliver results, you need PrintComm. We understand that successful print and direct mail are the convergence of marketing, print, and data. Our clients ask us to help them solve their marketing challenges. They have pulled us into a realm where the traditional printer doesn’t live because their complex print projects require more than just print. How do we do it? With an incredibly talented team of really smart people who have expertise in print, systems development, software and programming.

Success isn’t just measured by on-time delivery and print quality. Those are givens. It’s measured by response, ROI, cost per lead and a host of other metrics. That’s why we created our marketing services division, Marketing Impact, whose mission is to help clients develop and design integration with channels that complement their print and direct mail.

We measure our success in terms of how successful we have been in helping you achieve your goals. In order for us to be successful, our clients need to be successful with the projects they entrust to us.

We are from Flint, Michigan and we are proud of it. Values like integrity, trust, service, and hard work are embedded in the culture of our people. One thing we can promise you, if you choose to work with us, we’ll treat you like gold because customers are really important to us.

This Week's Blog Post

Recent Study Confirms Direct Mail a Driver of Online Giving

By Bill DeAngelis, Director of Strategic Development

The need to continually drive and promote charitable donations is a constant effort for most non-profits.  Even if you don’t work for a non-profit, you probably know someone that does or you may want to help advance a group or cause.  

When considering the best way to communicate with the donor audience, don’t overlook the role direct mail can play in the process.  According to a national Dunham+Company study recently conducted by research firm Campbell Rinker, direct mail is a more important driver to online giving than online communications.  The primary purpose of the study was to try and understand what drives online giving and how important offline communication is in the process.  A few interesting points from the study:

1) 14% of respondents in the study said that a direct mail letter prompted them to give online versus 6% who said an email prompted them to give online.

2) Also, 1 in 3 donors who utilize the charity’s website to give online say that when they receive a direct mail piece from the charity to give, they will go to the charity website to give the donation.

3) The higher the household income, the more likely the recipient was to respond and donate to the charity’s website online.  Nearly half of the households responded that they would give online when prompted by a direct mail piece to do so.

4) The ability to share giving activity socially is also important in prompting friends to give.  Almost 1 in 4 respondents under 40 said they were inspired to give after being asked to give by someone on social media.

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